Closet Organizers CT

Storage Systems For Closets

Would you like to increase storage space, and keep clutter to a minimum? From bins, rods and hooks, to drawers and shelves, we can offer you practical solutions to make your closet tidy. Maximizing your closet with the perfect storage solution takes planning and experience.

Storage Systems For The Kitchen

We have found many families to struggle with the problem of kitchen storage. It may be because of a small kitchen, or a large kitchen that lacks storage efficiency.

We have storage solutions for:

  • open shelves
  • drawers
  • cabinets
  • center islands
  • cabinets
  • trash recycling

Whatever the problem might be, we can give you a well thought out kitchen storage plan that will:

  • Organize
  • Save time
  • Save money

Storage Systems For The Pantry

Think of how many times we go into the pantry every day. Between meals and snacks,the pantry door opens and closes, and the food is constantly being taken in and out. Because of this, pantry storage needs to be extremely efficient to preserve the food being stored. The pantry storage also needs to be organized in a way replenish more food , at a glance. Proper pantry storage is vital to the efficiency of a kitchen, and there are many storage options available.

Storage Systems for The Home Office

We understand that organization is the key to productivity. A home office has special needs with storage solutions.

Think of all the things that need storage in a home office:

  • files
  • documents
  • cd/dvd's
  • magazines
  • art supplies
  • school projects
  • office equipment
  • various office supplies

If you need help with unique storage ideas for your home office give us a call.

Storage Systems For The Garage

Storage for the garage has to be sturdy, rugged, and of course, be able to maximize the space in your garage. We can suggest which storage will work best for you.

What type of garage storage system do you prefer?

  • Racks
  • bins
  • carts
  • containers
  • shelves

Let us know your garage storage needs, we'd be glad to help.

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