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Murphy Beds

We know the problem well, how to add more living space to an existing home. Many Connecticut homeowners in need of a wall bed, have made the decision not to buy a larger house, but rather increase the function of their existing home. After all, think of all the expenses of buying a larger house: increased mortgage, paying movers, switching utilities etc. Building an addition is also very costly: hiring an architect, finding a contractor, filing for permits, etc.

Fortunately, there is a conservative alternative. We have helped many customers discover a third option. We call it a "dual function room", and it can work in your home. There is one affordable item, Connecticut murphy wall bed , can accomplish adding more space to your existing home. Murphy beds in Ct are a new twist on today's need for more living space. With just one functional in wall bed installed, you can have two rooms in one.

You can turn a

  • Spare room into a guestroom
  • Bedroom into a sewing or craft room
  • Finished basement into a guest suite
  • And more…

Muphy beds in Connecticut

What type of combination would your in wall bed Hartford Ct make in your home? A Murphy bed Ct also gives a great alternative for guests, relatives, friends, college kids or grandchildren. When your company comes to visit, where do they stay now?

Wouldn’t you rather go into your home office, or spare room that is already functioning daily in your home, and pull down a wall bed? A Murphy wall bed transforms a regular room, and transforms it into a room that is both welcoming and inviting. Before your guests arrive, simply pull the wall bed down, add bedding and pillows, and your guests will be impressed with the accommodations you’ve arranged for them.

After they leave, the cleanup and transformation of a dual room is easy. Simply put the bed in the wall. The wall bed is hidden, seamlessly! After that, your room can go onto functioning as its other purpose, playroom, sewing room, office, etc. If you are interested in our dual room system with a wall murphy bed, contact us. You’ll be surprised at how easily and fast we can design and install your new Murphy bed.

Wall Beds

In wall beds have come a long way since the early 20th century. Murphy beds have long been valued for increasing space, but the old models were difficult to pull up and down, and not attractive. We are Connecticut’s leading experts on Murphy wall beds. Our designers and installers are all educated in the safety features of the modern Murphy bed Hartford Ct.

Our wall beds have safety features such as:

  • State of the art piston lift mechanisms
  • A unique locking system to keep the bed in the wall
  • A safety lock when the bed is being used
  • And, the piston lift mechanism is counter balanced and durable enough for everyday use

Some of the other benefits of our Murphy beds are:

  • No special mattresses are needed
  • The Murphy bed can be put back into the wall-with all of its bedding
  • Can be pulled up or down easily, with one hand

Murphy beds in Connecticut

Our Murphy beds can also be customized for your specific needs. In your wall bed unit you can have:

  • Color and wood tone choices
  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • A desk
  • And installed lighting options

If you live in Connecticut, and you want to create more space with a Murphy wall bed, give us a call. Our wall bed specialist will measure your space and find out exactly what features you want installed in your wall bed system. We promise to give you the best price possible and we can even show you a computerized projection of what your room will look like after your Murphy bed is installed.

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